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Mon Aug 6 17:08:48 EDT 2001

>Lizzie wrote:
>>   If anyone has any good touristy suggestions for a girl who
>>has never been off of the North American continental plate before, likes
>>but doesn't know a lot about art, and has a fascination for authors and
>>religious history, please send them!
>I've always wanted to carry out the suggestion made in What Katy Did 
>Next - going to see where characters from your favourite books live. 
>As for more specific advice, probably that depends on who the 
>authors you like are and what types of art you like. And on how much 
>time, energy and money you'll have to travel - where in Scotland are 
>you going to be? And what will you be studying?

The first couple times I went to the UK, I made a point of visiting 
the three major sites of Susan Cooper's THE DARK IS RISING series, 
which were all lovely places in their own right:
   The Grey King's setting is pretty clear, in the hills east of 
Tywyn. I climbed up Craig Aderyn, which is a spectacular view.
   The village in Cornwall seems to be a combination of a couple 
towns, Gorran Haven and Mevagissey, south of St Austell. A satisfying 
long day hike from Falmouth, mostly on the coast trail.
   And Will Stanton's home town Huntercombe is Dorney, just off the M4 
between Maidenhead and Slough. Most of the sites are there, although 
as with all the books, geography has been altered to suit the 
stories... Again, a lovely little village.

My other favorite fiction road trip was with a friend after we both 
read Orson Scott Card's RED PROPHET, to see Octagon Mound State Park 
in Newark, Ohio. An odd trip, that...

Bringing things back to topic, I think I've noted before that despite 
a good sense of setting, DWJ seems to mostly get away without 
actually using preexisting places. Bristol in Fire and Hemlock and in 
Deep Secret are exceptions, but a few I really wanted to see, like 
the Jamie's city in Homeward Bounders, simply don't exist.

Does anyone know of a place that the city in Archer's Goon 
more-or-less corresponds to?

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