19th Century Literature

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> Yes, if you liked the Anna books, you'll probably enjoy these as well. In
> fact, I prefer the Emily books. They are _Emily of New Moon_, _Emily
> Climbs_, and _Emily's Quest_. I think there might be at least one more
> in the series, but that has never been translated into Finnish.

No, there are only three Emily books.

I prefer Anne to Emily, but then I grew up on the Anne books, and have only
read the Emily trilogy straight through once. The Pat pair I didn't like at
all, nor Kilmeny of the Orchard - just couldn't sum up any interest in the
characters - and I'm not that keen on the Story Girl pair - don't really
like books that seem to be just a plot device for telling other stories. I
love The Blue Castle. I got it not that long ago from Amazon UK, but in an
American edition, so I imagine it is available on both the UK and US sites.


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