alternate identity (travelling in Europe)

shelly at shelly at
Sun Aug 5 12:01:37 EDT 2001

Lizzie wrote:

>  If anyone has any good touristy suggestions for a girl who
>has never been off of the North American continental plate before, likes
>but doesn't know a lot about art, and has a fascination for authors and
>religious history, please send them!

I've always wanted to carry out the suggestion made in What Katy Did Next - going to see where characters from your favourite books live. As for more specific advice, probably that depends on who the authors you like are and what types of art you like. And on how much time, energy and money you'll have to travel - where in Scotland are you going to be? And what will you be studying?

On religious history, a book has recently been published (by Simon Jenkins, I think) called England's Thousand Best Churches - you might want to have a look at that once you're here (though it doesn't cover Scotland, of course). I'm planning to buy it as soon as I've completed seeing all the cathedrals - still got quite a few to go!


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