19th Century Literature (Montgomery)

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Sat Aug 4 07:09:35 EDT 2001

Lizzie wrote:

> I've never read the Emily books--they're on my list, and I've had them out
> of the library a few times, just never quite gotten to them.  I like the
> beginning and end of the Anne books--Anne of Windy Poplars and Anne of the
> Island not so much, but I've read the first two and the last one,
> especially, repeeatedly.  The last one is Rilla of Ingleside, about her
> daughter, set during the first World War, an event in which Montgomery
> herself was very involved (emotionally, and supportingly, that is--she
> wasn't off in the trenches).  My favorite Montgomery book, however, has
> got to be The Blue Castle.  It's incredible.  The heroine in it has a
> realism and a vulnerability that Anne, for all her spunkiness, can't
> match; it's more psychological, more transcendentalist, and, admittedly,
> more melodramatic than anything else I've read by Montgomery (except for
> maybe Kilmeny of the Orchard--that had a bit of melodrama going on, I seem
> to remember).  But the Blue Castle is definately my favorite--about all
> the Anne books, all the story collections, the Story Girl books, and
> everything else I've read--but I've really got to get around to reading
> the Emily books and the Pat books.  Anyone read those?

I've never read the Emily books either; I've only ever read the first Anne
book, and The Story Girl, which I found maybe more magical than Anne of
Green Gables. I've never heard of The Blue Castle, though--I will see it I
can track it down to read.


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