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Sat Aug 4 05:10:36 EDT 2001

okay. . . delurking for this. . . .

this is a p.s. I'm putting in the beginning, after I've written everything
else--I love these things.  I fill out all the ones that I get, even if I
never send them.  I guess it's because by committing yourself to an answer
you get a better idea of who you are at that second.  So I guess I've
filled this out mostly for myself. . . please forgive the
self-interest.  :)

> Just thought of a way of identifying ourselves by questionnaire. I'm
> curious, like Rebecca, about our community, if I may use this word. So,
> anyone for revelations?
> Who? Lizzie (Margaret Elizabeth Parks)
> Where from? Virginia (born in Pittsburgh, but other than those first
three years I've lived in one part of Virginia or another all my life)
> Where now? South Hadley, MA for another week, then Virginia for a month,
and then off for a school year in Scotland on September 13.
> How ancient? Oh, quite old, but not old enough to go sing karaoke in
bars with my friends (sighs>. . . I was twenty last April.  I'll spend my
twenty-first birthday in a country where the legal drinking age is, I
believe, eighteen. . . that might bother me (or excite me?) except that I
don't drink, now and probably not ever (which goes back to one of those
old threads I missed. . . don't smoke a thing or touch any drug but
chocolate and books, either)
 > Any progeny? not unless I missed something big along the
way. . . no.  But someday.
> Religion (optional, perhaps, but helps with cultural references
etc) Agnostic, with occasional fits and spurts of belief in god.  I tend
to think of religion as more of a long, complex novel than something
true. . . I still haven't quite figured out why I'm double majoring in
English and religion, but I love studying religion, especially the
sociological aspects.  I was raised as lapsed something-or-other; I come
from a Christian background but I never went to church regularly and my
family's beliefs are Christian in an ethical way--not much focus on the
Christ part.
> Occupation? for the next week, teaching assistant to a bunch of twelve
year olds studying drama at an academic camp (Johns Hopkins' Center for
Talented Youth.  Anybody?)  I've been pushing DWJ. . . . after that,
assistant at my mother's legal practice (wills and trusts) and
students.  Someday--superhero.  That's my ultimate goal.
 > First DWJ? Charmed Life.
> Quintessential DWJ? Charmed Life.
> Favourite DWJ? Lives of Christopher Chant, Howl.
> Personal maxim/ prescription for an easy life? Life isn't easy.  Just
hold onto something and get yourself through the hard parts until you can
breathe again.

What else?  I'm naive and gullible, though I did go through an adolescent
cynical phase.  I'm one of those people who is always a wee bit late.  I
wanted to be a college professor until I got to college and met
professors.  I go to a women's college, and I love it, and I'm a feminist,
and I'm completely straight.  I've been ill for the last ten months
(almost all of the time I've been on this list--wow, has it been that
long?), and, being an insomniac with a "mono-like illness" have taken to
teaching myself Japanese to fill the time.  I'm headed for Scotland, and I
can't wait; while I'm abroad I want to see large amounts of the UK and
the rest of Europe, including Prague, Italy, the Vatican, Germany, Sweden,
and Spain.  If anyone has any good touristy suggestions for a girl who
has never been off of the North American continental plate before, likes
but doesn't know a lot about art, and has a fascination for authors and
religious history, please send them!

lizzie, looking around her room at four-twenty in the morning as she
prepares to move back home. . . (I also dislike/am not good at
packing. . . >

> How's this for a questionnaire? I'm sure there's been others like it, but
> before my time. Go on, fill one in, you know you want to.
> Ania

And I did.

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