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Ruth Pitt ruthssp at
Fri Aug 3 22:32:59 EDT 2001

Heh!  I'm finally answering just as this is winding down ...

Sun sign: Leo (Aug. 12 - didn't we have a couple of other Aug. 12s?)
Rising sign: Libra
Keirsey/Meyer-Briggs:  ENFJ, but both the E and the J are weak.
Tarot significator: Queen of Pentacles in a good mood, Queen of Swords
when feeling hassled
Eastern zodiac: Earth Dog  (there are some good sites that give the
element as well as the animal)
Favorite gem: opal (must be that Libra influence)

I have been a writer of sorts - years ago I wrote several RPG adventure
modules for Iron Crown Enterprises (now going belly up - sigh!).  But I
don't think I had read Jones at that point.

I was on a fairly serious Keirsey kick a couple of years ago and even
own a couple of the books.  It's a useful and pretty interesting system,
as long as you don't treat it like a religion.  I'm not surprised at all
the INTPs and INTJs.  These are also types that show up as successful
programmers and engineers - and tech types are well-known for enjoying
science fiction and fantasy.  (Most of my friends are NT types, for that
matter.)  The best thing it ever did for me was to help me identify what
I really need out of a job - not what I'd be best at, but what a job had
to have to be satisfying to me.  Unfortunately, that was in a book I
*didn'y* end up buying (now I wish I had).

Us ENFJs are teacher types (regardless of what we actually *do* for a
living), and much given to writing explanations - like this one!

- Ruth

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