19th Century Literature

Anna Skarzynska theania at freeuk.com
Fri Aug 3 21:52:47 EDT 2001

> Here are some (what comes to mind right now) authors&books I have read in
> Finnish (partly based on Anna's list):
> The Bronte sisters: Wuthering Hights and Jane Eyre

We had WH but I never got round to reading it, though I did later in English

> Burnett: both of the ones mentioned above plus The Lost Prince
> Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes books
> LM Montgomery (both Anna & Emily series)

I never even heard of the Emily series. Any good?

> Kidnapped and Treasure Island (or are they the same?)

No, I think they are a sequence along with Catriona(?)

> several books by Jules Verne (could he be counted as belonging to the
> period?)

Oh yes, how could I have forgotten him? I read all I could find. I had a
wonderfully illustrated version of Journey to the Centre of the Earth and
have wanted to visit Iceland ever since...
And I use to love all the American wilderness stuff by Jack London (who died
in 1916 or so aged 40, so it doesn't really count) and James Oliver Curwood
and Ernest Tomson Seton (are those two old enough?)

> some Dickens
> all of Austen
> one Trollope book
> Kate Chopin: The Awakening
> I also have _Quo Vadis_, but haven't read it yet, plus some translations
> Russian authors & several books by turn-of-the-century Finnish writers.

QV is a bit over the top on the religion and weepiness if I recall correctly


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