DRH8, hexwood, DS - multiverse vs multiple worlds

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Thu Aug 2 06:06:24 EDT 2001

> > DRH8 is a multiverse? whatever gives you that idea? i never got that
>I don't know, apart from what I said - about worlds being referred to as
>analogues of each other - but I've always thought of it that way, since 
>encountering it in Warlock at the Wheel & other stories.

analogues? in DRH8? i don't remember any reference to analogues, and i've 
read it plenty of times. if you could pull out a line that made you think of 
it as a multiverse, i would be more ready to proceed, since i never got that 
impression. =)
>I certainly admit that there are similarities - both have worlds called 
>for example - but they don't give me at all the same feeling of 

well, what do you mean? i think that the world in DRH8 never shows up in 
hexwood, but that doesn't mean it can't be in the same world system.

> > i get the impression (not reading her intro, i don't own minor arcana, 
>so i
> > can't) that it's more thematic pre-work than implying that it's supposed 
> > be another story in the chrestomanci multiverse.
>I wasn't meaning to suggest at all that it was in the _same_ multiverse.  
>came out of ideas she was working on about "how the worlds all fitted 
>in Lives, which I took to mean that she was experimenting with the idea of 
>multiverse with worlds neatly regimented in numbered positions (Sveridge = 
>8) in well defined series (Home, Cath are the only two named in DRH8 iirc)

oh, so you are saying that you thought "home 8" is like a numbered world in 
a series. i never got that impression, and i don't agree. i think it's just 
a naming system stuck to worlds in a star system by the government or what 
have you.

>Now if you'd said DRH8 and Deep Secret, it would be another matter.  Quite 
>neat little chunk of the Deep Secret multiverse, just a little naywards of 
>(not too far naywards, or the heg phenomenon wouldn't work)...

i don't think deep secret is a multiverse either, just a series of different 
planets. rupert just uses magic to traverse the distances between. right?

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