alternate identity (and Keirsey types)

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Thu Aug 2 05:23:16 EDT 2001

According to the tests (both, I'd also belived I'd have different results) I am

Hmm. One of the descriptions says I thus have "an unusually rich inner life",
which sounds a bit like Mrs. Elton ("I've got resources"). The type is called
"Counselor" which made me think of Counselor Troi immediately - the title wasn't
changed in the German translation. I was still grinning at my association when I
read "Counselors have strong empathic abilities and can become aware of
another's emotions or intentions". Ha! I *am* Counselor Troi... O.k., no need to
worry, so far I haven't found myself "mind-reading" (but then I only moderatly
INFJ... no ratings over 50%)

And you know who's with me? Goethe!!! I am so proud... I wonder when he took the
test, though ;-)


Does writing me thesis make me a writer? Maybe insofar as I like writing and
hope to make it readable and enjoyable.

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