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Philip wrote: (quoting me)
>> J I M Stewart includes
>> him [Kipling] as one of ?Eight Modern Writers? in a book of that title
>> published in 1963
>er, do you mean 1863?

No! 1963. That was my point. I think the others are Hardy, James, Conrad, Joyce, Yeats, Shaw and Lawrence.

>I'm interested that you associate Kipling's interests in social changes and
>machines with the early 20th century.  Maybe the subjects were not popluar with
>Vicwardian writers, but I think that social changes were happening constantly
>throughout the period.

Of course - but I don't think novelists showed all that much interest in these things until around the turn of the century ... things change some time before they are perceived to have changed. Cf Woolf, "On or about December 1910 human nature changed ... " I can't think of any earlier parallel to Kipling's story about a ship, told by the different parts of the ship.

Anyway, must do some work now. Oh, and Philip - I think I spelt your name wrong earlier. I do apologise - hate it when people get my name wrong.


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