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Wed Aug 1 11:43:29 EDT 2001

Alexandra wrote:
>(Is Kipling Victorian? If I may count him as such, he tops
>the list, for _Kim_ and _The Jungle Books_.  I've also doubts
>as to the Victorianness of Jane Austen and Walter Scott

Interesting question about Kipling: his dates are 1865 to 1936, so he was just under half Victorian in those terms; he's got that confidence that I associate with Victorian writers, but his topics are probably more linked to early 20thc writers: he's interested in machinery, for instance, and social changes, and probably presents a broader range of ways of living than the typical (if there is such a thing) Victorian writer. J I M Stewart includes him as one of "Eight Modern Writers" in a book of that title published in 1963 ... Scott & Austen are pre-Victorian - unless Scott just makes it? Anyone know when in 1832 he died? I think in any case, though, we were talking in fairly general terms about late 18thc to early 20thc novels, weren't we?


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