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Sun Apr 29 21:26:24 EDT 2001

>> > On Fri, 20 Apr 2001, Tony Fox wrote:
> > |BTW does anyone understand the slash fanfic phenomenon?
> >
> > <potential homoerotic connotations discussed.  warning if this
> > bothers you>
> >
> > My theory is that fans often want to see fulfilling relationships
> > between strong and interesting characters, and female characters,
> > even in the best movies, are usually lame.
> That's a good reason. I also think that, fans being fans, they're
going to
> want to try basically all combinations of people in relationships, and

> therefore some of them are going to be same-sex combinations. It's
given a
> category name probably so people know what kind of stuff they're
> Also, a friend of mine who reads a lot of slash tells me two
> things. Most slash is written by women (even though most slash is
> male/male)

>>It's said that women are more turned on by written than pictorial
erotic material. I always thought slash was the female equivalent of
the male fantasy of two girls getting it on, in words instead of

As a teenager, I used to imagine Star Trek slash scenarios - although I
had never heard of the term (and indeed, maybe it hadn't been invesnted
yet!). I also very much enjoyed (and still enjoy) a number of books that
now turn up frequently on "slashy fiction" reading lists -
recommendations of mainstream published fiction that slash fans might
like.  My earliest of this sort was probably Mary Renault's Alexander
the Great romance _The Persian Boy_; more recently, I've become very
fond of Ellen Kushner's _Swordspoint_.  I was surprised a couple of
years ago when I realized how widespread this sort of thing is (like
most bookish teens, I was sure I was the only one ...).

I think that Deborah's point about "fulfilling relationships between
strong and interesting characters" is very true - I usually identify
pretty strongly with one or more of the male characters in these

- Ruth

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