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On Fri, 27 Apr 2001, Neil Ward wrote:
|I quote her here:
|"I can't help but think it's part of the larger cultural pattern that
|genders 'amateur' artistic efforts as female, but
|professional ones as male, a stereotype still in operation.  <snip> Writing
|fanfic, something intended never to
|be published, except in a limited sense of private circulation to a peer
|group, conforms perfectly to other types of women's writing.  And as a folk
|effort, it fits neatly into the tradition of storytelling that has been a
|'women's' effort for, perhaps, millennia.

Fascinating idea.  It  makes me think of women's writing in DWJ
(Tanaqui and the Spellcoats, Nan's storytelling in Witch Week,
Emily's diary in True State Of Affairs, Sophie's matter-of-fact
stories that make magic) and men's writing (Quentin's meaningless
words and Howard's giving power to them, Mr. Chesney's terrible
stories that are very powerful, Charles' uncommunicative journal
in Witch Week).

Nan's writing is certainly amateur, but Tanaqui's writing is
authorized by a god.  Sophie thinks her writing is unauthorized,
and Emily does as well.  But doesn't the same apply to most men
in dwj worlds?  Quentin is a professional but is powerless.  Only
Mr. Chesney really has power with his authorized writing.

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