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On Thu, 26 Apr 2001, deborah wrote:
> On Fri, 20 Apr 2001, Tony Fox wrote:
> |BTW does anyone understand the slash fanfic phenomenon?
> <potential homoerotic connotations discussed.  warning if this
> bothers you>
> My theory is that fans often want to see fulfilling relationships
> between strong and interesting characters, and female characters,
> even in the best movies, are usually lame. 
That's a good reason. I also think that, fans being fans, they're going to
want to try basically all combinations of people in relationships, and
therefore some of them are going to be same-sex combinations. It's given a
category name probably so people know what kind of stuff they're reading.

Also, a friend of mine who reads a lot of slash tells me two interesting
things. Most slash is written by women (even though most slash is
male/male). And some people think (and have written dissertations on the
subject) that fanfic is sort of a modern form of folklore, based on a
common tradition, the kind of stories one tells around a campfire. Not
just slash, specifically, all fanfic. Interesting, huh?

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