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>On Fri, 20 Apr 2001, Tony Fox wrote:
>|BTW does anyone understand the slash fanfic phenomenon?

And Deborah's very sensible answer began with the words:
><potential homoerotic connotations discussed.  warning if this
>bothers you>

I quite agree with Deborah's assessment of who's interesting in genre fiction.
Beyond this, interested persons might wish to read Joanna Russ's interesting
essay on the subject. Fascinating and delectable though it is, though, I
think it's more of an interesting reading of the slash literature than it
is an answer from the slash community's viewpoint. 

I think that Camille Bacon-Smith's _Enterprising Women_ gives a better answer.
Not too surprising, sicne she's an anthropologist. I have debated whether
to tell you all her findings, but the structure of her book makes it a kind
of detective story, in a way, and I'd hate to spoil your suspense!

Mary Ann

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