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On Fri, 20 Apr 2001, Tony Fox wrote:
|BTW does anyone understand the slash fanfic phenomenon?

<potential homoerotic connotations discussed.  warning if this
bothers you>

My theory is that fans often want to see fulfilling relationships
between strong and interesting characters, and female characters,
even in the best movies, are usually lame.  Buttercup bores the
heck out of me, but Westley and Inigo and Fezzick and Humperdinck
are *interesting*.  Name the interesting female characters in
Star Wars, in Tolkein, in Highlander, in Harry Potter, in Susan
Cooper, in Good Omens, in Gawain and the Green Knight, in X-Files
(all fandoms that are commonly or uncommonly slashed).  Now
compare them to the interesting male characters.  Shocking, isn't
it?  The numbers are way off.

DWJ hasn't got this problem, in general.  (Nan, Tanaqui, Janet,
Zillah, ...) though her male to female ratios are still a bit
off.  That's why I'd never slash DWJ.   Millie, after all, is
perfect for Christopher.   Though I admit to curiosity about Howl
and Christopher...  No, never mind.  ;)

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