Romantic Characters: Was: Re: OT: _Out of the Ordinary_

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Thu Apr 26 04:49:52 EDT 2001

>I'm pretty partial to Tom

Yes! Even if he is a bit dominatable... or whatever the word is.

>Christopher in _Perilous Gard_ ditto.

Like him, too.

>though.  Gilbert from the Anne books too.

Nope, and especially not Emily's Teddy!

Any dibs on Howl?

The trouble with this game, to me, is I usually like the girls these blokes
are with. So, would I try to cut out Polly, Kate, Laura (Chant, from the
Chanegover) or Sophie? No, I wouldn't. And another problem is this; remove
the girls and the men are either bereft or different - because their girls
affect their characters.

I have a sneaking liking for Rupert in Deep Secret... but - (sigh) ditto! At
least Rush Melendy (tho' not my cup of tea) is unattached!


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