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>Yep.  One of the characters (Icarus) even comments on it.  One of the
>things I liked about both this book and _The Cahngeover_ was the guy
>characters.  Both Sorry Carlisle and Icarus were just really appealing to
>me as romantic characters.  In my Shakespeare II course we ended up having
>a discussion about fictional characters that we'd (if their real
>counterpart happened to turn up) like to try having a relationship with.
>An interesting topic that we got on to because my prof admitted to liking
>Marc Antony from "Antony and Cleopatra."  It's an interesting topic,
>because you never really know what the chracters would act like in our
>world, outside of the situation(s) they inhabit in their books. When I wa
>younger, I always wanted to find the real Joe Willard from the Betsy-Tacy
>books.  Miles Vorkosigan would be interesting, but I don't think I have
>the energy or the guts.

LOL.  Me either to Miles!  When I brought up the Melendy books last, 
Cara was just in the middle of a reread.  We were talking about 
Oliver, and how sweet he was, and I said that I *really* want to find 
Rush.  I'm sure he's out there somewhere, just the right age now, and 
wouldn't you have a wonderful set of in-laws?  I think even Mona - 
nobody's favourite here - would be a great s-i-l.  It cracked me up 
to see your post so soon after discussing this at home!

I'm pretty partial to Tom and Mitt also, but far too chicken to 
consider it!  (Anyway, I haven't the right hair for Tom.) 
Christopher in _Perilous Gard_ ditto.  Joe Willard's interesting, 
though.  Gilbert from the Anne books too.  Although seeing a huge 
number of women on a L.M Montgomery site describe themselves as 
"married to their own Gilbert" kind of turned my stomach.  :)

I'm wondering if any guys played this game in your class?

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