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Tony Fox tonyfox at
Fri Apr 20 18:18:20 EDT 2001

Sally said
> I have read some very clever fan-fics (there's a real genius out there
> writing Stargate SG1 stuff), but the question always begs - these writers
> are capable, sometimes even brilliant, so what are they doing borrowing
> someone else's world? Do they feel some lack of confidence in their own
> inventions or is there some challenge (which escapes me) in stepping into
> someone else's shoes?
> Please, any fan-fic writers out there, don't take this as criticism of you
> or your activities. I'd really be interested to know why you do it when
> don't have to!
I don't write myself but have friends who write fanfic. They seem to want to
 explore aspects of much loved characters and this is a way to continue the
story - I can certainly sympathise with that wish. My friend who started
writing fanfic has just had a book with her own characters published so
it's good practice if nothing else.

BTW does anyone understand the slash fanfic phenomenon?

Also BTW which SG author do you rate Sally? I like the Medical Intentions
stories but the name of the author escapes me. Will have to go look on


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