OT: _Out of the Ordinary_

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Tue Apr 24 08:58:51 EDT 2001

Dorian wrote, quoting me:
> It seemed to me the book ended                                           
> with a strong hint that there would be more to come.  It also, for those 
> keeping count of Tam Lin allusions in books, had a very strong reference 
> to that story at one point.                                              
Heheh.  I hadn't noticed that before, but thinking about it now, you're    
right.  You mean at the climax, in the multi-storey car park, right?       

Yep.  One of the characters (Icarus) even comments on it.  One of the
things I liked about both this book and _The Cahngeover_ was the guy
characters.  Both Sorry Carlisle and Icarus were just really appealing to
me as romantic characters.  In my Shakespeare II course we ended up having
a discussion about fictional characters that we'd (if their real
counterpart happened to turn up) like to try having a relationship with.
An interesting topic that we got on to because my prof admitted to liking
Marc Antony from "Antony and Cleopatra."  It's an interesting topic,
because you never really know what the chracters would act like in our
world, outside of the situation(s) they inhabit in their books. When I wa
younger, I always wanted to find the real Joe Willard from the Betsy-Tacy
books.  Miles Vorkosigan would be interesting, but I don't think I have
the energy or the guts. 


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