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Mon Apr 23 04:02:29 EDT 2001

Paul Andinach schrieb:

> As it was explained to us it's more like this:
> The left brain tends to be better at details, fine control, and
> sequences of events. This makes it more suited for dealing with
> language (for instance, speech production requires event sequencing
> and fine motor control), and for linear thought, which consists of
> sequences of events. It also suggests a reason why the hand that's
> better at fine control tends to be the right hand (which is of course
> controlled by the left brain).

The question is: are the hemispheres "reversed" when you're left handed?
Is a left hander's right hemisphere better at details, fine control etc.?
If that were the case, saying left handed people are better at creative
tasks because their right hemisphere is "dominant" would be senseless.
You know, I've actually read both. So maybe that's another question
concerning handedness that is still unsolved?


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