Random thoughts.. and a question about your child-mind

Ruth Pitt ruthssp at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 21 22:33:16 EDT 2001

>>  Does anyone else here strip themselves of adulthood when reading
DWJ's books?  <<

I read a wide range of kids' books, and I don't think I do anything
quite that conscious or formal - I just seem to adopt the proper age
while I'm reading.  I still enjoy reading some of my daughter's old
picture books, for example (Shirley Hughes and Dr. Seuss being
particular favorites).

I do notice that a more analytical mind takes over afterwards.  And the
more analytical mind is definitely of a particular age - my real age.  I
was just re-reading Marta Randall's _The Sword of Winter_ (BTW, does
anyone else here enjoy that one?), and I noticed that when I thought
about it afterward, Lyeth (the protagonist) seemed rather young to me
this time around, and I found myself sympathizing with her (older)
mentors' exasperation with her.  Yet *while* I was reading, I *was* her,
as usual.

Interesting.  I hadn't thought about that before.

- Ruth

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