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Ven revealed:

> Btw I saw Connie Willis talking about character at a 
> convention. She was one of these who has no truck with her 
> characters having ideas of their own. She was describing the 
> generation of the character of the young lad in the Domesday 
> Book, Colin, as being based on practical considerations. She 
> needed a character who could go between various others, so she 
> made him helpful and bright. She wanted him to go where he 'd 
> been told not to -- so he had to have a rebellious streak and
> so on.
> It seemed almost shockingly mechanistic. Ever since though, 
> especially when reading "TSNOTG" I had a feeling that she was 
> selling herself short in some way, not acknowledging the
> alchemy of her own creativity -- her characters seemed to be a
> lot more than a collection of convenient attributes. Or maybe
> she did and I missed it while i was being shocked. 

Wow. Just like Uncle Ted in Deep Secret.

Mary Ann
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