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> I think so--Rhea, now that you mention her, I seem
> to remember as the
> mother of Zeus & Co (the gods) as opposed to Chronos
> & Co (the titans)--in
> fact Rhea was a titan[ess?] herself.
> Alexandra
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> > <<  He and Gaia (the earth/earth goddess) had a
> >  great many children. >>
> > 
> > Gaia is the Greek, right?  I always remember Rhea
> as the "mother of the gods" 
> > from my 3 years of Latin.

iirc, the story goes something like this:
Uranus was the Sky and Gaia was the Earth.  They got
together and had some children.  This first batch of
children was the one-eyed Cyclops [Cyclopses?].  I
forget if there were other monster-types included in
the first batch, or if it was just the Cyclops.  The
second batch of children they had were the Titans. 
Titans i can remember offhand include: Epithemus [i
think i've spelled that wrong][brother of Prometheus,
husband of Pandora], Prometheus [fire to the humans,
etc, eventually saved by Theseus, i think], Metis
[Athena's mother, swallowed by Zeus between the
conception and the birth because of oracle that if
Metis bore a boy he would overthrow Zeus as Zeus
overthrew his father], Atlas [holds up the world], and
, of course, Chronos and Rhea.  Chronus dismembered
Uranus and threw him into the sea, i think.  he had an
oracle that his child would do to him as he did to his
father.  therefore, as he and Rhea kept having
children, he kept swallowing them whole.  After 5
children, Rhea was sufficiently fed up that she
secreted the 6th [Zeus] away to a mountaintop to be
raised by a nymph [whose name i can't remember
offhand] and a goat named Amalthea [i think she's the
in the constellations somehow [the Ram?  Capricorn?  i
forget...], and her horns are the Cornocopia, but i
could be mixing stories].  as Zeus grew, his mother
explained how things were and together they hatched a
plot to poison Chronos.  They do, and Chronos coughs
up the previous 5 children [Posidon, Hades, Hera,
Demeter, and Hestia [who later gave up her place in
the Pantheon to Dionysus], there's an almightly war,
and Zeus dismembers Chronos and throws the pieces into
the sea.  from the foam rises Aphrodite.

so basically, Rhea is the Mother of the gods, while
Gaia is Mother Earth, or the Mother of all, or just
the Mother.

hmm. after awhile "mother" really looks like it's
spelled incorrectly.


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