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On Mon, 16 Apr 2001, Ven wrote:
|Can you tell us how many people are receiving this list? Cos I

Actually, we're doing really well!  84 regular subscribers, 35
digest subscribes, and (not taking into account people whose
addresses format oddly, and such other incogruities) 94 distinct
posters in the year 2001.  So everyone says at least "hello".

|wondered vaguely what the proportions of
|frequent/regular/occasional contribuitors there are. Ever since this
|topic came up I've been feeling a little self conscious about what I
|send. I did a bit of statistical analysis on my posts: over the last
|month I reckon I sent 8 on topic, 4 on related topics and a
|whopping 12 off topic. However I tend to keep the length of off topic
|posts shorter than those on topic ................. A more typical
|couple of months posts gave 14 OnT, 10 RT and 15 OT (did
|someone mention anoraks a while ago?).
|Anyhow I wanted to say this was the first list I ever subscribed to,
|its still the best and I take it as the standard for how these things
|are done. Funnily enough another list, for a band, that I lurk on for
|the gig info, seems to be going down in flames at the moment.

We are excellent about watching each other's limits and not
flaming.  On most lists, people respond to any slight by charges
and counter charges.  I thought that urban fantasy discussion was
amodel of what should happen when people slightly step over
other's lines: the participants stepped back, and rephrased their
positions so as not to inflame.  On other lists, that would have
led to all badness.

Aargh.  Moving tuesday, and DWJ all packed.  <sullen>  So I can't
think of anything on-topic to say.  Except that I'm posting
meta-data to the list, and that make me think of metafiction, and
how very prone to metafiction DWJ's books are (Spellcoats and
Homeward Bounders being the the two most glaring examples.)

And now, drum roll please, for the number of posts from people
since 1 January.  Everyone give Gill a round of applause! :)

    100	From: "Gili Bar-Hillel" <abhillel at>
     88	From: "Hallie O'Donovan" <hallieod at>
     87	From: Paul Andinach <pandinac at>
     67	From: "Ven" <ven at>
     66	From: "Anna Skarzynska" <theania at>
     62	From: Melissa Proffitt <Melissa at>
     53	From: liril at
     53	From: "Sally Odgers" <sodgers at>
     42	From: Philip.Belben at
     39	From: "Nat Case" <ncase at>
     38	From: "Dorian E. Gray" <israfel at>
     36	From: "otheng" <otheng at>
     34	From: JOdel at
     33	From: "Rowland, Jennifer A B" <jennifer.rowland at>
     32	From: Jacob Proffitt <Jacob at>
     28	From: M Elizabeth Parks <meparks at>
     27	From: Tanaqui <tweaver at>
     26	From: Kyla Tornheim <kyla at>
     26	From: "McMullin, Elise" <emcmullin at>
     23	From: "Anita Graham" <amgraham at>
     22	From: Irina Rempt <ira at>
     16	From: Tarja Rainio <vierran at>
     16	From: Jenwa Hsung <jenwahsung at>
     16	From: "Tony Fox" <tonyfox at>
     15	From: deborah <deborah at>
     14	From: "Mayaserana" <jenny.preston at>
     14	From: "Gross Family" <argross at>
     13	From: Kyra Jucovy <klj at>
     12	From: alexandra.bolintineanu at
     11	From: Bill Edminster <bedminst at>
     11	From: "Liz Ottosson" <elizabethottosson at>
     10	From: Emma Comerford <s369161 at>
     10	From: "Miranda K. Smith" <mirkat at>
      9	From: lpuszcz at
      9	From: kylie.preisig at
      9	From: Rebecca Ganetzky <rganetzky at>
      9	From: HSchinske at
      8	From: "Elizabeth Evans" <er.evans at>
      7	From: amaebi at
      7	From: Sarah Imholt <mesarahkanah at>
      7	From: JillPowers70 at
      7	From: Anita Graham <dzongri at>
      7	From: "Neil Ward" <neilward at>
      6	From: Hallie O'Donovan <hallieod at>
      6	From: Erin McMullin <erm8 at>
      6	From: "Preisig, Kylie (KAM.RIC)" <Kylie.Preisig at>
      5	From: Devra at
      4	From: Robyn Starkey <robyns at>
      4	From: Courtney M Eckhardt <cme at MIT.EDU>
      4	From: Bodil Gram <listedwj at>
      4	From: Anna Skarzynska <theania at>
      4	From: "Rosie Burroughs" <rosieburroughs at>
      4	From: "Gail TB" <gail at>
      4	From: "Alex" <alex.mb at>
      4	From: "Abe Gross" <argross at>
      3	From: andrew osmond <andrew at>
      3	From: Miranda K. Smith <mirkat at>
      3	From: <JOdel at>
      2	From: Voicebearer at
      2	From: Susanna.E.Leng.98 at Alum.Dartmouth.ORG (Susanna E. Leng 98)
      2	From: Satu S Hlinovsky <skanervi at>
      2	From: Sally Odgers <sodgers at>
      2	From: Rowland, Jennifer A B <jennifer.rowland at>
      2	From: Michael Janssen-Gibson <mig at>
      2	From: Jennifer Forsyth <jforsyth at>
      2	From: Gili Bar-Hillel <abhillel at>
      2	From: Dorian E. Gray <israfel at>
      2	From: Arahsae at (Sarah I)
      2	From: Anita Graham <amgraham at>
      2	From: <liril at>
      2	From: "jill.wadworth" <jill.wadworth at>
      2	From: "Meredith" <meredith at>
      1	From: jill.wadworth [mailto:jill.wadworth at]
      1	From: elisa at
      1	From: Ven <ven at>
      1	From: Simon Fraser <abaddon at>
      1	From: Ruth Pitt <ruthssp at>
      1	From: Rowena Macrae-Gibson <rowena.macrae-gibson at>
      1	From: Preisig, Kylie (KAM.RIC) <Kylie.Preisig at>
      1	From: Philip.Belben at
      1	From: McMullin, Elise <mailto:emcmullin at>
      1	From: McMullin, Elise <emcmullin at>
      1	From: Liz Ottosson <elizabethottosson at>
      1	From: Laurel Lamme <lalamme at>
      1	From: EstairM at
      1	From: <alexandra.bolintineanu at>
      1	From: "Valerie Alexander" <alexander.valeri at>
      1	From: "Tony Fox" <Tony.Fox1 at>
      1	From: "Patrick Self" <pself30 at>
      1	From: "Melissa Proffitt" <Melissa at>
      1	From: "Karen Jensen" <ckcjensen at>
      1	From: "Jessie Bishop Powell" <jbpowe1 at>
      1	From: "Fiona Haggart" <F.Haggart at>
      1	From: "Amaya Booker" <amaya at>

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