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Anita Graham amgraham at
Thu Apr 19 09:43:50 EDT 2001

> After reading Dark Lord I looked up the name Deucalion in a classical
> dictionary.

It seems to me, having reread Year of the Griffin, that looking up all the
minor characters' names would be illuminating!
(Not that I have done it, of course).

Empedocles (one of the senators from the empire) is a name I recognize as
coming from somewhere else. [... google search returns: 5th century BCE
philosopher who combined medical study with Orphic mysticism.]
Hmmm...perhaps not significant to YotG. (Actually, Dorian, I think there is
a Chalet School link to Empedocles, too - but a most unlikely one, almost
certainly not related to YotG. Do you think DWJ would be a Chalet fan?)

Therefore I wonder about his companion Antoninus. [search engine says:
Antoninus Pius Emperor A.D 138 - 161]

Also: guard captain Postumus and General Agricola (I'm sure there was a real
one of those).

anita...babbling as the anti-cold drugs take hold

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