Homeward Bounders.

Elizabeth Evans er.evans at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Apr 18 21:36:50 EDT 2001

I wrote about Prometheus:
> >Can anyone shed any light on him for me??

and Sallyo kindly replied:
> He stole fire from the gods (I think he was a god, but fire was a State
> Secret) and gave it to humankind. For betraying his people (gods) he was
> chained to the rock with an eagle eating his liver, which renewed
> every day.
> That's about all I know, and is the result of childhood reading. I see him
> as the kind of traitor who passes on secrets from a philosophical point
> rather than for gain.
> Sallyo.


So does that mean They are gods? (Just thinking this through, here..)


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