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>Lizzie wrote:
>Well, let's see.  You've made it all the way to fourteen without dying
>multiple times, having your sister steal your magic (okay, so I'm assuming
>here), having Norse gods come to tea, reverting back to a baby, offering
>yourself as a sacrifice to a torque, so on and so forth.  I think you'll
>be okay--it's really sixteen you have to worry about.  :^D  And happy
>birthday!  April birthdays rock (especially if you're a Taurus!)"
>Have I mentioned my theory of long standing that Cat Chant is a Taurus?
>Absolutely top to toe casebook study in Taurus-ness  ;)

A friend said exactly the same thing, actually.  Apparently Cat is
essentially the male, nin-lived version of me...

>Happy early birthdays to Jenny & Lizzie and Erin!

Thanks :o)

Mayaserana / Jenny

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