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Tue Apr 17 21:49:22 EDT 2001

>>> Another problem with "quality = seriousness" is that there's a very
element of individual taste that goes into the equation.  This element
often downplayed or rewritten as objective reality ("I hated _Hexwood_,
therefore everyone will hate it") (NO I do NOT hate _Hexwood_, but some
people didn't get it, and disliked it, and thought everyone else should
too).  Much as I like to share my personal ratings of books, I try to
remember that being Always Right does not extend to criticizing other
people's reactions. ... <<

[delurking after months of monitoring the archive site ... ]

This is *such* a good point.  One of the thing that bothers me the most
about the vast majority of on-line book reviews by John and Jane Q.
Public is that for so many, "I don't like this" = "This is terrible."  I
wish folks would just step back and consider, for a moment, that just
because the book isn't *their* cup of tea, doesn't mean it won't be
someone else's.

As far as Tanya Huff goes ... I have a couple of very close on-line
friends who mostly share my tastes in reading, and they think she's
great - but I just can't get into her.  Somehow, the stories never
really *involve* me.  I end up thinking, "Gee, that was pretty
interesting.  Now let's re-read [DWJ, Peter Dickinson, CJ Cherryh, PC
Hodgell, or whatever] so I can *really* feel like I'm living the
story."  And I don't feel any urge to find more Tanya Huff.  But my
*friends* like it ...

Sometimes it makes me wonder what I'm missing, somehow, when I'm reading
her.  <shrug>

[Hello, my name is Ruth Pitt.  I live in the Maryland suburbs of
Washington DC; and have a 9-yr--old daughter who's starting to read
things like Narnia, Harry Potter ... and DWJ (husband prefers SF to
fantasy but we forgive him ...).  I don't remember when I first read DWJ
myself (years ago, apparently), but my favorites include Fire and
Hemlock, Archer's Goon, and the Nine Lives of Christopher Chant.   I've
been admiring just about all of your discussions for months, whether on
OR off topic!]

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