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> But I'll tell you what:  I've been
>  reading various scholarly stuff on Tolkien and Beowulf, and I picked up
>  Diana Wynne Jones's essay "The Shape of the Narrative in The Lord of the
>  Rings".  It's *such* a good essay.  What an eye for detail and story
>  mechanics she has.  And her essay is such an oasis in the desert--the rest
>  of the book is mostly full of pseudo-freudiana, impertinent assumptions
>  about private lives, and moralistic links between The Lord of the Rings
>  and LSD consumption. :)

Oh, Gawd, is that the anthology with the awful, awful essay that suggests 
that Halfast should be pronounced Half-assed? Note: the Carleton library is 
not a good place to experience an extreme desire to roar "I know who's the 
half-assed one here!" I nearly died of suppression.

Helen Schinske
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