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>And I personally love those shoes of Gwendolen's in CL that she kicks
>Chrestomanci in the shins with. . . . and then there's Sam's constantly
>untied shoes from ToTC--does anyone else, when they see someone's laces
>trailing, say "tie up your shoes, Sam" and then share a good laugh with
>self while being stared at strangely by others?  That's one of the phrases
>I kept--like Hathaway send a bus, I look like a pan of bacon and eggs
>(Howl says this when Sophie messes with his hair stuff), hands up everyone
>who can do magic (instead of raise your hands)--little things like that.
>I would, undoubtledly, purchase a
>stuffed Throgmorten if it came on the market.  How about Chrestomanci
>action figures?  The Goddess/Milly can come with an extra set of
>transparent plastic arms that you can put on and take off.  What would be
>quite nice is a time egg--or one of those food replicators--from
>ToTC.  Christopher's bells from LoCC. . . . Viven's string
>bag. . . . Calcifer. . . . Throgmorten (live). . . .

It's not Chrestomanci, but I think you should be able to get Helen action
figures with all sorts of arm replacements, like sets of clothes for barbie

Mayaserana / Jenny

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