David Eddings was literature abuse

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>Kyra wrote
>>   His other two series not only have no redeeming
>> qualities and the same nearly unbearable style but also have the
>> Child-Goddess Aphrael, who is, I believe, the single most hateful
>> I have ever encountered in literature.
>Absolutely. I stopped reading him some way thru the first book of
>the third series. Its been a while but I think it was where threy turn
>some marauders away from a fortress in the middle of the city and
>don't seem too bothered what the baddies will gwet up to among
>the townsfolk. Anyhow I just thought why am I reading this

I've noticed that about David Eddings...apart from a brief bout of sympathy
for the peasants in the Belgariad, no one seems to take the slightest bit of
notice of people who aren't kings / queens / sorcerer(ess)s / being helpful
to them.

Mayaserana / Jenny

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