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I have all the Lyra books, got them in the 80's when I started buying
English language fantasy. I liked them then and still do, but I think I've
pretty much outgrown them. They felt great when I was a teen, but now I've
read much more fantasy etc, and they *do* feel a bit ToughGuidish if I read
them now.
> Kyla:
>> I'm not sure if it's a Lyra book (it might be, but it came out in the last
>> 5 years or so, so it's still in print), but one of my favorite Wrede books
>> is "The Raven Ring." The main character is very cool and talented, and
>> there's neat bits about tarot cards, and vague mystery bits, and it's not
>> all sappy at the end. Well, not in the obvious way, at least. :^)

_The Raven Ring_ is also a Lyra book. I think there was an omnibus edition
published a few years back called _Shadows Over Lyra_ (or something like
that) which contained several of the earlier Lyra books. Actually, nearly
all of Wrede's earlier books were in the Lyra series, but the series is
fairly loose and you can read the books in any order you like or can find
them =). The exception in this is _The Seven Towers_ which is not set in


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