Essential Library for DWJ fans.

Anna Skarzynska theania at
Mon Apr 16 14:59:31 EDT 2001

Here's a couple of suggestions:
Roger Norman's Albion's Dream.
I read it some nine years ago and was greatly impressed. It has certain
parallels with dwj's Homeward Bounders in that a game is involved. The
Albion game is found by a boy and as he plays it he realizes that there is
more to it than he thought.
The game was so fascinating that I tried to reconstruct it from the
information in the book, but alas there was too little there to do it.
The Song of Gail and Fludd by Philip Gross.
There was a really cleverly devised oracle in it: a series of sentences on a
piece of pottery which had been smashed into shards. Result - three lines on
every shard that made sense in themselves, and also if you put two shards
next to one another the combination made sense too. I think I'll get my
photocopy of it scanned and then if anyone wants it I'll be able to post it.
Other Essential Stuff would be:
His Dark Materials,
Susan Cooper stuff (I love it)
Alan Garner stuff (ditto)
A good book of nursery rhymes
Another of ballads such as Tam Lin etc.
An assortment of DC's Vertigo comics (not necessarily just the ones by

There must be more. This, however, will do for now.


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