Fanfic (OT?)

Anna Skarzynska theania at
Mon Apr 16 14:36:09 EDT 2001

I have noticed that there is a
> phenomenon called "shared worlds" which has been evident in certain little
> corners among fantasy and romance circles in particular, and the
> cameo appearance even in mystery fiction.
> --
It occurs to me that it's one thing to explore existing characters (prequels
and sequels do this), and quite another to borrow/use a world. It could be
argued that many sword and sorcery books are in fact set in the Tolkien
world, although his actual characters are absent.
I would say that the Philip Pullman world from His Dark Materials is asking
to be expanded. There is little to add to the Lyra story, but much can be
made of the daemon idea, the fact that our physics = their experimental
theology, that their London has anbaric lights and a chthonic railway etc.
etc. On the other hand, one doubts whether anyone could do it anywhere near
as well as Pullman. I do hope he himself writes more stuff set in that
universe. It was so wonderfully imagined that I want more. Now. Or soon.


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