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Mon Apr 16 14:15:55 EDT 2001

I don't know if it's still there, but at one point there was a DWJ fanfic
based on the Dalemark books at, if anyone wants to go take
a look.

About fanfiction in general: I think it works better with something that
goes on.  Books, like DWJ ones, are mostly self-contained.  Fanfics work
best with series--be they Star Trek or Harry Potter.  Hexwood, for
example, was written to tell a story, and it did that, and then ended.  It
would be possible to write a fanfic about it, but it's just not the same
as Star Trek, which does of course tells stories, but those stories are
linked because they're about the same characters.  That makes trek much
better for writing fanfics because you're focusing on the characters, not
on a specific story.  The Hexwood universe exists for that one story; the
Harry Potter one exists for those characters, and multiple stories are
possible within it.  Think of the whole Arthurian thing--the story has
been retold hundreds of different ways, and what connects them is the
characters.  And now I'm wanting to go off on how "Stealer of Souls" dealt
with characters who were specific to stories, but I've got class.

more later.


ps.  "I've got class" as in I've got to go to school, not the other way
;^).  Just realized that sounded a bit odd. . . . 

Taste the wholesome power of vitamin D enriched milk, naughty spawn!

				--Arthur, "The Tick: Heroes of the City"

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> >Fanfic seems to crop up only in relation to certain authors or genres (Star
> >
> >Trek and The X-Files are also popular subjects).  Has DWJ escaped this
> >form
> >
> >of tribute?
> >
> >
> Since fanfic seems to be most prevelant with series characters, the chief 
> fanfic targets in DWJ's body of work would necessarily be Chrestomancy, Howl 
> and possibly the Dalemark characters, in about that order of probability. 
> Dalemark strikes me as a distant third since it follows a collection of 
> characters rather than having a single protagonist to focus the whole thing. 
> Much as one tends to come round to admiring Mitt, he doesn't really seem to 
> have the requisite type of charisma to inspire groupies. (Hm. I suddenly 
> flashed on an association, there. I suddenly realized that the character who 
> most reminds me of Mitt in another series is -- absurdly enough -- Ron 
> Weasley.) Nevis could perhaps inspire them, but he isn't in the foreground 
> through a long enough segment of the quartet to be a likely candidate.
> As for writing fanfic at all; there are different orders of creativity. Not 
> everyone has the type of imagination to create from scratch. But hand them 
> some prefab elements and tell them to adapt them, and it's Captian Kirk at 
> the helm. And, yes, there is genius that expresses itself in exactly that 
> sort of thing. One that seems to be getting a certain level of sponsorship 
> professionally over the past few years. I have noticed that there is a 
> phenomenon called "shared worlds" which has been evident in certain little 
> corners among fantasy and romance circles in particular, and the occasional 
> cameo appearance even in mystery fiction.
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