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>possible sequel to "Fire & Hemlock", that someone else might, for example, 
attempt a continuation of that story, telling us what had happened to Polly 
and Tom; a vignette, even.<

Actually, I think that the way Tamora Pierce handle the shift from her first 
Toratallian quartet to the second (and her current one) would be a good way 
of handling a followup on Polly and Tom. Alanna and Co. are present in the 
later collections and are "important people" in the Kingdom. But the story is 
about people who are only becomming important, and the action follows them 
instead, showing enough of the earlier story arc's lead characters to see 
that they are well and prospering. 

The story of the Farie Queen and her consorts is ongoing. If Polly and Tom 
have no better sense than to stay in the vicinity, they will no doubt see 
some of the action from the edges. Whether they will still notice or 
understand it (given the way Laurel messes with people's heads) is another 
thing. Still, Leslie IS Tom's nephew, and IS another musician with a living 
to make, they will no doubt continue to run into each other. 

And if Tom and Polly DO stay together, there is no certainty that they will 
only be blessed with daughters.
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