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>why Neil
>>Gaiman can win a World Fantasy Award for a story derived from
>>Shakespeare's world, and Laurie King can write much-acclaimed novels
>>set in a reconsidered world of Arthur Conan Doyle's,
>I'm not familiar with either of these works, but I'd hazard a guess that
>Shakespeare's World is actually Elizabethan England - or a version of it,
>while ACD's world is Victorian London.

Laurie King (to name the most recent example) writes a series of 
wonderful novels in Sherlock Holmes' world. She takes liberties that 
I'm sure Mr Conan Doyle would have objected to, but they are 
brilliantly written and a great deal of fun and stand on their own as 
books. The world is largely derived from Conan Doyle's, which is NOT 
a precisely accurate rendition of Victorian/Edwardian England. I 
doubt there really was an inspector Lestrade or a Moriarty. These 
appear in King's books as well as Conan Doyle's and are clearly his 
own creation.

Neil Gaiman took A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM and posited its first 
performance in front of Oberon and Titania and the rest of the 
unseely court. The world is and isn't Shakespeare's, and is and isn't 
that of the popular mythology that he drew from, and is really sprung 
full-fledged from Neil Gaiman's head, except that it isn't.

To use a fantasy example, are Philip Jose Farmer's OZ books a problem?

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