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Mon Apr 16 11:28:47 EDT 2001

>Since I've mentioned fanfic, has anyone ever attempted to write DWJ fanfic?

*I* certainly wouldn't. I think the HP style is fairly easy to imitate, but
I don't think DWJ would be.

But then I'm probably not a good person to comment on this. I spend some of
my working life writing books about characters conceived by someone else and
I really - er - dislike it. It feels like trying to wear shoes that someone
else has broken in. I also find such characters of far less interest than my
own :-) probably because most of them are static characters who don't age
and never learn. Of course DWJ people are not like that, but I feel they
wouldn't be themselves if I started talking through their mouths.

I have read some very clever fan-fics (there's a real genius out there
writing Stargate SG1 stuff), but the question always begs - these writers
are capable, sometimes even brilliant, so what are they doing borrowing
someone else's world? Do they feel some lack of confidence in their own
inventions or is there some challenge (which escapes me) in stepping into
someone else's shoes?

Please, any fan-fic writers out there, don't take this as criticism of you
or your activities. I'd really be interested to know why you do it when you
don't have to!


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