Essential Library for DWJ fans.

Neil Ward neilward at
Mon Apr 16 11:24:14 EDT 2001

Sally Odgers said:

> I have begun to compile the "essential library" for DWJ fans - that is,
> apart from the books by DWJ herself. Each other book has to earn its place
> by some knd of tie-in or rationale.

I think this is an excellent idea, Sally (I don't feel cheeky enough to call
you Sallyo, as you don't know me from Adam!) but I'm saying that more out of
a need for guidance myself than out of any great knowledge of related

I'd recommend the inclusion of Alan Garner's "The Owl Service".  It's a book
that transfers an ancient legend into a modern setting, and it describes how
that legend possesses three children and forces them to re-enact it.  It has
some fairly surreal moments, some poetic phrasing, and it's described by the
author as a ghost story.  I see parallels with "Fire & Hemlock" (and perhaps
similar DWJ work that I haven't read???).


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