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Neil Ward neilward at
Mon Apr 16 11:09:51 EDT 2001

Anita Graham said:

> Neil Ward said, wrt the HPfGU list:
>  This DWJ list is also quite busy, but I  would not recommend the creation
of an OT list unless it gets much, much busier.

> As a list owner too (Girlsown) I was surprised that you consider DWJ to be
> high volume. Although there've been more postings recently I find it very
> pleasantly manageable. Also interesting, and not particularly cliquey -
> perhaps a little itimidating because so many contributors are articulate,
> well read and confident.

Perhaps I should have said "quite busy" rather than "also quite busy".  I
agree, it's not really high volume on this list; it seems to have busy
periods and quiet periods, but, as you say it's not too much to handle.
It's interesting that some lists have a higher percentage of lurkers than
others.  On Harry Potter for Grownups, I'd say about 20% of the members
actually do any posting and about 5% account for the majority of posts.  Of
the people who only read the list and don't contribute at all, some come to
chatroom sessions or regional meetings, or write fanfiction, but a large
number remain totally silent.

I don't know how large this list is, but I would imagine that the
percentages are quite similar.  Anita's Girlsown list sounds like it has a
much higher percentage of posting members or a few more very prolific

Since I've mentioned fanfic, has anyone ever attempted to write DWJ fanfic?
There are tens of thousands of Harry Potter fanfics out there, most of which
are dire, but there are a handful that are really good.  I'm not really into
it myself, but it occurred to me, when I saw a question to DWJ about a
possible sequel to "Fire & Hemlock", that someone else might, for example,
attempt a continuation of that story, telling us what had happened to Polly
and Tom; a vignette, even.

Fanfic seems to crop up only in relation to certain authors or genres (Star
Trek and The X-Files are also popular subjects).  Has DWJ escaped this form
of tribute?

Neil (who hasn't yet finished reading DWJ's own work, and probably doesn't,
therefore, need to know if there is also DWJ fanfiction to read)

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