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Sally Odgers sodgers at
Mon Apr 16 10:31:36 EDT 2001

>(I must be one of the few people in the world who don't like the Chronicles
>of Prydain).

Actually, I don't either. And I'm not *that* fond of the Dark is Rising lot.
I find it a bit humourless. I think the reason I don't like the Prydain
books is the way some of the characters have such idiosyncratic voices...
DWJ doesn't do this with major characters, and her people sound human even
if they're not. Gurgi (sp) and Eilonwy (sp) and their constant
speech-pattern leave me with a similar feeling to the way some "mob"
characters on films leave me. They keep repeating themselves and talking
over the top of other characters in a very excitable fashion. I just want
them to shut up!

However, I don't need to like a book to include it in the DWJ essentials!


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