Moderating a busy list (was Re: 3 weeks late, administration trivia)

Anita Graham amgraham at
Mon Apr 16 09:17:43 EDT 2001

Neil Ward said, wrt the HPfGU list:
 This DWJ list is also quite busy, but I
> would not recommend
> the creation of an OT list unless it gets much, much busier.
> A split group
> can work, but I suggest that it's infinitely preferable to
> keep the list as
> one and have everyone label their OT posts.

As a list owner too (Girlsown) I was surprised that you consider DWJ to be
high volume. Although there've been more postings recently I find it very
pleasantly manageable. Also interesting, and not particularly cliquey - just
perhaps a little itimidating because so many contributors are articulate,
well read and confident.

(By way of contrast, on Girlsown, with 350 members, we would get about 100
posts a day. With a hot topic it can be very many more. And when we had a
discussion last year about the direction to take the list, it was very clear
that many people liked the list because of OT posts!
Another list I am on, with maybe 50 members max, probably has a minimum of
20 posts a day, plus a several separate lists for hot topics that can
overwhelm the main list!)

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