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Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at
Mon Apr 16 08:23:29 EDT 2001

Sorry to start a new thread, I accidentally erased the message I wanted to 
respond to.

Just wanted to say that the Narnia books should definitely be on this list. 
We've discussed the similarity between Christopher Chant's "place in 
between" and "the wood between the worlds" in THE MAGICIAN'S NEPHEW. Here's 
another such similarity: Father time sleeping in his cave underland (THE 
SILVER CHAIR) to wake only at the end of the world (THE LAST BATTLE) is 
quite like the Time Lady asleep under Time City, isn't it? Is this DWJ 
drawing from C.S.Lewis, or both of them drawing from some ur-Father Time 
legend that I don't know about?
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