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Hallie said

> I'm still startled at Ven and Melissa describing Tanya Huff's book(s) 
> as light weight.  Not that there was any expectation that DWJ would 
> only be reading extremely heavy, ponderous stuff, but "light" still 
> took me aback, for some reason.  Maybe partly the connection with the 
> other two authors, whom I would describe as wildly entertaining, but 
> not just light weight.  Obviously for Bujold, but even for Wrede. 
> Maybe neither of you agree on that?

Oops. I actually tried to think of a better description than "light 
weight", I didn't intend anything disparaging but that implication is 
sort of there. To clarify: if I'm thinking of a scale from 1 to 10 I'd put 
Ulysses at 10 and Mills and Boon at 1. Tolstoy and Dickens at 8, 
along with Samuel R Delany, Dwj at 6 or 7, along with Bujold and 
Pratchett. 5 is average and thus I'd place Huff and Wrede at 4. I'm 
working out the placings according to how much stretching my 
mind has to do, I never finished Ulysses and I guess I find 1s and 
probably 2s not worth bothering with. However as I haven't read any 
Huff more than once so far, her placing is provisional and the whole 
thing is just straight off the top of my head anyway and IMHO, and 
independent of literary merit anyway..

Suspecting I'll return to this topic .......................


If all the good people were clever,
And all clever people were good,
The world would be nicer than ever
We thought that it possibly could.

Dame Elizabeth Wordsworth, Good and Clever 1990
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