A Sinister Subject

Erin McMullin erm8 at psu.edu
Sat Apr 14 20:51:16 EDT 2001

>Gili Bar-Hillel wrote:

>I've also read that it happens occasionally that identical twins are 
>complete mirror images of each other, including one of the twins having 
>his/her heart on the right instead of left side, and including hair whorls 
>going in opposite directions. One of the theories about why there is such a 
>high occurence of left handedness among one of two identical twins has to do 
>with how the egg split to create them.

Just an interesting note that I thought I'd share.  A few years back I
dated a guy (Drew, left handed) who had an identical twin (Kit, right
handed).  Of course I knew the one I dated better than the twin, but it
seemed that, while they had similar personalities (both in science fields,
very quick witted, quirky senses of humor) Drew was much more fiery,
creative, and changeable (moody, wrote poetry, changed his career goals
every few weeks).  Kit, on the other hand /sorry for the pun/, had as a
teenager chosen a very practical career, received a technical degree, and
at the point I knew him had a very solid, well paying job with an excellent
future.   Goes to show identical genetics does not in anyway equal
identical person (and this coming from a geneticist!)

And what does it say of me that I preferred by far the moody, changeable
one? hmmm? 
(left-handed-ness envy?)


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