3 weeks late, administration trivia

Dorian E. Gray israfel at eircom.net
Sat Apr 14 12:51:36 EDT 2001

Deborah said...
> On the other hand, this is an extremely high-volume list.  We get
> an enormous number of postings per day.

Actually, I wouldn't call this a high-volume list at all.  I get anything
from 5 to 20 messages from it per day (except when we all go mad about food
or something!).  Both of my two writers' lists spawn 50 to 100 messages per
day (in non-busy periods); GirlsOwn is usually close to the 100 mark, and
Irish Gaming tends to be in the 20 to 50 range.  This list is positively
parsimonious in comparison!

> So the short answer is, you guys rock my world.  The long, and
> basically unnecessary answer is that we should periodically
> remind ourselves that there are many lurkers on the list, who are
> interested in being on the list about Diana.  But you all know
> that. ;) (basically I'm just paranoid because of the list I
> mentioned above, and how much like a little clique it got.  But
> we're not like that here, so I'm preaching to the choir I think.)

Yeah, I think maybe you're worrying too much.  Sometimes lists do get
cliquish, but I don't think we have.  Sometimes they can look cliquish to a
newbie, but hey!  We can't do *all* the work; the newbie has to make a bit
of an effort, too!  I find that often, new listmembers think they've joined
a nasty cliquey place when in fact, they're not making much of an effort to
fit in, say interesting/useful/appropriate things, or read the FAQ. :-)

So, to anyone lurking nervously on this list, I would say - jump in!  Post
on the hot topic of the day, or ask a question that's been bugging you for
weeks, or just pop up and say hello.  If you think you're being ignored, for
any reason, try again.  Sometimes people don't respond to posts because
they've said what they have to say already, or they haven't anything to say,
or they're in a frantic hurry to finish their e-mail and go out, or
whatever.  Remember that we were all new once, too.  And if *I*, one of the
most paranoid, everybody-hates-me types in the world, can become an accepted
 (and, I think on hopeful days, liked) member of half a dozen lists, so can

Until the sky falls on our heads...

Dorian. (mailing-list junkie)
Dorian E. Gray
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"Fashion exists for women with no taste, etiquette for people with no
--Queen Marie of Romania

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