Hexwood: the name 'Hume' (spoilers)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Sat Apr 14 09:00:51 EDT 2001

Mary Ann:

>It's not that surprising that Hume would come up in a book on Romantic Poetry,
>though. Or in many other humanities-oriented anglophone classes. Not only
>has it been fashionable for at least a couple of decades to set things in
>the philosophical context of their period, but David Hume wrote in what
>would now be called a large number of periods. He also wrote with enormous
>grace and charm.

I didn't actually mean that quite the way it sounded.  Rather I meant 
that _this_ section of _our_ course was not that likely to mention 
Hume.  Because it gives an historical context, but not of the period 
before that we're studying.  (Sorry.  I might have managed to explain 
that better if not for a night on the sofa trying to stop the dog 
from biting out her stitches.)

Inspired by Neil and Mary Ann, I found this on Hume.  (It's only from 
the World Book, so it's VERY basic, but still.)  Along with the idea 
of causality that Neil mentioned, Hume also challenged the idea of 

"The idea of the self is the idea of something in a person that 
remains identical through time.  I have the idea that I remain the 
same person despite the changes that occur in me.  But, since I 
cannot locate in myself an element that is always present and never 
changes, the idea of such a self has no basis in experience."

My brin is too foggy to be sure this is potentially interesting, but 
it seemed to be on a first encounter.  Again, it certainly fits in 
with the struggles characters have to determine who they are. 
Although,  _Hexwood_ might not ultimately present an agreement with 
this?  No, I'm not even sure what I mean by this, just have a feeling 
around a possibility that there is a way in which Mordion and 
Vierrann DO manage to find an element which is always present.


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