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Elise wrote:

>lol - Hi Hallie! I haven't read those since the early 80's. I think 
>I still have them somewhere.  Your comment makes me laugh since I am 
>much more alert to Tough Guidisms now than I was then. 

Me too!  Although, come to think of it, I hadn't read all *that* much 
fantasy then anyway.  When did all the High Fantasy stuff, (TG style, 
obviously, not LotR) really start being popular?

>What I recall liking best was her description of magic. I think it 
>was in the Harp of Imach Thyssel that the heroine builds a net of 
>magic. Or maybe it was Shadow Magic - but isn't Shadow Magic the one 
>with the retired warrior/mother? Lost in the misty distance. I also 
>liked the scenario in Daughter of Witches - I'm a complete sucker 
>for stories that start out with the main character in slavery or 
>indentured servitude.  It was similar to Witch Week in that it was a 
>repressive anti-magic social structure and every kid suspected or 
>known to be the offspring of witches was under suspicion.  Don't 
>think that counts as a spoiler so much as a teaser.

Haven't managed to find The Harp of Imach Thyssel or Daughter of 
Witches yet. I actually quite liked SM too - it just felt sort of 
retro or something.  And I agree about liking her description of 
magic a lot, in all of her books I've read, including the Mairelon 
ones, which I didn't even mention before.

>"The dark bread and freshly gathered honey seemed fine, but 
>*cheese*?  Just seemed out of
>place somehow, not only because there was no hint of any 
>milk-producing animals anywhere."
>Heh, perhaps it was soy cheese?

:)  Now _that_ would explain everything!

Ven addressed the same point:

>Was that anywhere in the world or anywhere in the forest? If the
>latter then they could have traded for it.

Just anywhere in the forest.  I'm not quite unreasonable enough to 
expect a book to make a point of mentioning cows or goats just to 
show me that they'd have dairy products.  ;)  But these creatures 
were not the trading type at all.  They rather tended towards 
avoiding contact with lowly humans.  Now maybe they'd trade with the 
*cows*.  Hadn't thought of that.


>I'm not sure if it's a Lyra book (it might be, but it came out in the last
>5 years or so, so it's still in print), but one of my favorite Wrede books
>is "The Raven Ring." The main character is very cool and talented, and
>there's neat bits about tarot cards, and vague mystery bits, and it's not
>all sappy at the end. Well, not in the obvious way, at least. :^)

Right.  That's the one that I've seen and was going to ask whether it 
was readable without having read the others first.  _Snow White and 
Rose Red_ is another one that I'm finding a bit difficult to get hold 

I'm still startled at Ven and Melissa describing Tanya Huff's book(s) 
as light weight.  Not that there was any expectation that DWJ would 
only be reading extremely heavy, ponderous stuff, but "light" still 
took me aback, for some reason.  Maybe partly the connection with the 
other two authors, whom I would describe as wildly entertaining, but 
not just light weight.  Obviously for Bujold, but even for Wrede. 
Maybe neither of you agree on that?


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