Strange Charmed Life Reaction

Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at
Fri Apr 13 17:28:32 EDT 2001


>You can also see this change (oh no - oh yes! FOOD!) reflected in the name 
>of a
>sweet. It's a thin waffle, topped with a very sweet cream (eggwhite, sugar, 
>agar-agar to stabilise) coated in dark chocolate. They are very sweet, but 
>love them. When I was a kid, they were called Negerküsse (Küsse=kisses). 
>none of the different manufacturers calls them that anymore. Now the 
>term is Schokoküsse (chocolate kisses).

People who've tried it say that this is very very similar to the Israeli 
sweet called "krembo" which was my infamous substitution for "sherbet lemon" 
in the Harry Potter books. Except krembos are supposedly larger, with a 
little less chocolate, and a crumbly bottom. Kind of like an unbaked 
meringue dipped in chocolate sitting on a biscuit. Krembo literally means 
"[something with] cream inside of it".
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